Create Your Own Personal Nameplate with Sidengo

Nameplate DBCult Film Institute

Nameplate DBCult Film Institute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to creating a site about yourself, or a site that is used to promote yourself, you might not really know what to do, well you can take all the hard work out of this process by checking out the service Sidengo that’s currently in beta which will create the Nameplate for you, for more check out the service Sidengo.

Find Out If The Business your dealing with Supports SOPA


Image via Wikipedia

If your against the SOPA bill that is floating around, then you might want to know which business’s are supporting the bill so you can let them know that as a customer you don’t care for them supporting the bill, and that they will lose you as a customer, and one way to help you figure out which businesses are supporting the bill you can use this android app BoyCott SOPA.

Arrange Lunch with your LinkedIn Pals with LunchMeet for iOS

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

If you have a few contacts on LinkedIn that you usually have Lunch with for business purposes or otherwise, then you might want to check out the iOS app LunchMeet which can make it a matter of a few clicks and swipes before all your associates are ready to meet up for lunch, for more check out the iOS app LunchMeet.


Asana is Free Project Management Software

Project Management main phases

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If your part of a small business that has decided to use Project Management techniques to become more productive as a business, then you’ll probably need some software to manage your business, and there is where Asana comes in to play offering its services free for up to 30 members project teams, for more check out Asana.

Track your Projects and Create Invoices for your Freelance work


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If your a Freelance worker and you have a few projects your working on and you need to create invoices for your work then you might want to check out the program Bunker.

Organizing your Business Cards

Image of business card of Rod Brock of Seattle...

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If you have a lot of business cards and your not to sure what card requires your attention and what type of attention it requires then you might be interested in this system for managing your Business card contacts, check out more on this system HERE.

Perform Interviews with TheInterviewR

Steven Evatt

Image by eschipul via Flickr

If you have every had to conduct an interview then you know that it isn’t that simple of a process but one way to make the process a bit more simple in some regards is to use the webapp TheInterviewR which handles the recording of the conversation, check out more about this Webapp TheInterviewR.

Keep your Cool when at your Corporate Site

A typical North American office

Image via Wikipedia

You may feel like lashing out at others when things aren’t going right at the office but that isn’t professional nor do you want others to view you as some type of animal, check out this article that explains why you must always remain cool at your corporate office, HERE.

Use a Virtual Credit Card when Purchasing Online

Basic creditcard / debitcard / smartcard graph...

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You may have not known this but you can get a One time use only Credit card number or a Virtual Credit card number that you can use to make purchases at places where you are not 100% sure if you trust them, or just to be save in general just use a this method to insure your credit card information isn’t misused down the line, check out more about this, HERE.

Sarcasm Trump Angry anyday


Image via Wikipedia

Your always in the mood argue back when a certain person does something to you, but you probably would be better off if you just used a bit of Sarcasm with them, as this might actually lead to a better future relationship down the line, check out this article that talks about how this can work for you HERE.

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