Knot your Power Cords like a Pro so they Don’t Unplug

Ekk electric cable

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If your doing some serious work that requires that you have a Power cable plugged in and it can’t be unplugged because it is a critical issue, then you’ll need to create a knot so that the power cord can’t be unplugged, check out this article that has a bit more detail on how to do this, HERE.


Applecore keeps Wires Tangle Free

Wire harness for adapting speaker wires in car...

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You hate when your wires get all criss crossed, worse yet you can’t find how to remove a device because its entangled with 40 other wires, well simplify your wiring troubles with this product HERE.

Reduce your Cable Bill


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Cable Bills tend to start to look crazy, this charge, that charge are you feeling overwhelmed? Check out this article on how you can reduce your cable bill, HERE.

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