Sign Up to get Instagram for your Android, When its released

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A program that has been desired by Android users for some time now is Instagram which is a Camera program that has some pretty neat Retro filters for giving your pictures a neat effect, but so far you can only enjoy the Instagram goodness if your on a iOS device, but now you can sign up for Instagram for Android so perhaps the program is on the verge of being released, to get your copy when it comes out you can sign up for Instagram for Android HERE.

Looking for a Better Camera app for your iOS device, try Camera Awesome

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Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc's iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The camera app that comes stock with your iOS device serves its purpose, but if your trying to get a little more out of your camera app and don’t want to pay for a simple Camera app then you might want to check out Camera Awesome for your iOS device that can give you a better experience than the stock camera app at the amazing price of Free, for more check out Camera Awesome for iOS.

Get ICS Camera App for any Android Device

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If your looking for a better Camera app for your Android device, then you might want to grab a copy of the Camera App for ICS, which you can install on almost Any Android device regardless of the version of Android your running, the new app has tons of features and changes from the previous stock version of the camera app, so make sure you check out ICS Camera App for Android.

Walk and Text without Crashing on your Android with Transparent Screen

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When your walking down the road and your getting your Text message on, you may end up hurting yourself or someone else because of the fact your vision is probably focused on your smartphone, but if your have an Android device and a camera on it (Rear facing camera is suspect), you can see whats in front of you while you text with the Android program Transparent Screen.

Virtually Compare Cameras with Camera Size Service

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If your in the market for a new camera, perhaps you would like to do some R&D before you make a final decision, and to that end you are looking to pit one camera against the next to see which one you really want, and the service Camera Size can greatly assist you in this matter, for more check out the service Camera Size.

Use your iOS5 Devices Headset Controls to Snap a Picture

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One of the many features added to iOS5 is the ability to use your devices head set volume control to snap a picture, which can improve your pictures by being able to mount the camera while taking a shot, for more check out this article HERE.

Child Proof Your Camera with Sugru


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You probably have a 7 year old that has all the desire in the world to become a photography right now but your afraid to let them loose with your Camera, well then you might be interested in this DIY project for Child proofing your camera, for more on how to achieve this check out this article, HERE.

Camera Lens for your Mobile Device


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Although you can get programs that can simulate all types of effects on your mobile or tablets camera, having actually lenses are usually the only way you can gain certain types of camera effects, so it only makes sense that if you really want to upgrade you cameras photo taking ability that you may have to invest in some lenses, check out this great set of lenses for mobile device, HERE.

Build a 35mm Depth of Field Adapter for your Camera

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Perhaps your into the entire Film / Video field and your always looking for ways to get types of effects well then you might want to check out this DIY project for creating your own Depth of Field Adapter, HERE.

Learn more about Photos from other good Photos EXIF Data

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You may be interested in improving your photography skills or learning why good photos are just that good, Well examining those photos you consider good EXIF data you can learn about what made that photo good from a technical stand point which can improve your photos down the line, check more about this topic, HERE.

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