Tell Congress No To RoboCalls to Cell Phones

Missing Calls / Appels en absence

Image by Gilderic via Flickr

If you aren’t aware there is currently a Bill in congress to allow RoboCalls to cell phones which is totally wrong, and you should respectively tell your local congressmen that this is a unfair and intrusive practice that needs to be curb before it behinds, check out this page that has a petition you can sign to let congress hear your voice on this issue, Sign the petition HERE.

Faking a phone is okay sometimes?

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (Shangh...

Image by Wolfgang Staudt via Flickr

Believe it or not there are times where you need to fake a phone call in order to find the truth to a issue, verify something, check out this article that lays down the laws of when its okay to make a fake phone call, HERE.

Need to Dispose of Electronic Trash?

Cut-away cell phone

Image via Wikipedia

Check out this cool roundup of places you can go to dump off that electronic trash you don’t need like an old computer, cell phone, or other devices, check the article out HERE.

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