DIY Electronic Charging Station

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If you have tons of electronic devices at your home and your looking to having a charging stations that can handle all your devices from HTC Evo device to your iPhone, iPod touch, for the details on how to build such a station check out this article HERE.

Use a AViiQ Portable Charger for your A/C Adapter Needs

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If your taking a trip and you need to have a few of your electronic devices charged up and ready to go along the way then you may need to find a way to cut back on space while still having the functionality of your devices, well then you need to carry the all in one charger for you devices, check out the AViiQ Protable Charger.

Find an Alternative Fuel station with Google Maps can help!

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Check out this pretty cool service where you can pretty much find any type of re-fueling you need, EV and a few others are also listed, pretty cool if your in the United States and need to find a station to juice up your hybrid car, check the service out HERE.

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