Wear Black When cleaning Windows or Glass

Toilet cleaning supplies.

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If your going to be cleaning your house and you know your going to be hitting up the windows for their annually cleaning then you might want to wear some black clothes, and for why you might want to do this, well check out this article that has a good reason for why you should do this, HERE.

Cleaning out your Vacuum Roller

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When you have used your Vacuum for some time you’ll find that the roller on the Vacuum might not be as good as it once was because there is a lot of junk on it, check out this article that shows you a way to get all that stuff off it, HERE.

Cleaning up your Ceiling Fans Blades

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You just noticed that the Blades on your Ceiling fan are looking like a dusty exchange factory and your in a panic to clean it without killing yourself, well check out this article with a pretty useful tip the next time you attempt to clean the blades of your ceiling fan, HERE.

Extending your Vacuum Hose

RCA ’808’ Power Vacuum Tube

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You need to get up to a few places in your house that your Vacuum Hose can’t currently get to and it’s really bothering you that you can’t clean up completely, well check out this pretty cool hack you can do that will get you there, check out the details of this Vacuum Hose Hack, HERE.

Cleaning with Temperature opposed to Chemicals


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You want to do some cleaning but you don’t like the idea of using chemicals that can be harsh to you and the environment, check out this alternative method to cleaning HERE.

HomeRoutines App Helps you keep the House Clean

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Your always forgetting to clean up the house every other weekend or you have some type of cycle for cleaning but sometimes it just slips your mind, well check out this application that might help you keep on track, its a House cleaning to-do list sort of application, check it out HERE.

Alternative For Cleaning Your Toilet

Toilet bowl

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So you usually get cleaning product that is specifically designed to clean out the toilet bowl, but today your ran out, or worse yet you ran out of cash, check out this great and relatively cheap alternative, HERE.

Fingerprints on that Digital screen, YUCK!

So when you take some new device out the box its so clean, and pretty looking but after you spend some time with it, the device will lose that out the box appeal, check this article out on how to keep your electronic devices fingerprint free!

Get the grease off that laptop!

This article has some tips to getting the grease off your laptop, where was this article a few years ago!

Tip for Clean Irregular shaped bottles

This is a pretty neat trick, It involves baby bottles or other bottles that have a weird shape that’s hard to clean with conventional means. So what you do is take some water, a little bit of uncooked rice, some soap and shake it up. Because of the roughness of the rice, it should be able to reach those hard to reach places and remove small/average stains. Check out the original article here.

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