Follow the Three T’s when Cleaning

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If you need to clean up your house in a flash and want to make sure that your doing a good job not just rush through, then check out this article that has the three T rule to keeping your house clean, for more check out this article HERE.

Fixing up that Old Carpet

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The carpet is looking old and crusty, and you like to get it looking at least neutral if not clean, but your not into replacing your carpeting in the house, well check out this article that has a method of cleaning old carpets and getting into decent shape, HERE.

Cleaning with Temperature opposed to Chemicals


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You want to do some cleaning but you don’t like the idea of using chemicals that can be harsh to you and the environment, check out this alternative method to cleaning HERE.

HomeRoutines App Helps you keep the House Clean

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Your always forgetting to clean up the house every other weekend or you have some type of cycle for cleaning but sometimes it just slips your mind, well check out this application that might help you keep on track, its a House cleaning to-do list sort of application, check it out HERE.

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