Easy Made Custom T-Shirt

A tie dyed shirt. Photo taken my MpegMan.

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You ever have a great idea for a T-Shirt but not really sure what to do with it, well know perhaps you’ll try your hand at making that idea a reality but checking out this article about making your own custom T-shirt, HERE.

Removing Ink Stains with Milk & Vinegar?


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If you have an Ink stain you may have thought to yourself if there is anything you have on hand that can get rid of it, well here comes the Vinegar and milk to the rescue, how to this work, check out this article for the details, HERE.

Keep the Colors in your Clothes while Washing them

Drying clothes

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After washing your colored clothes a few times you might notice that colors are not a bright as the first time you saw the shirt at the store, but what if you could keep the colors as bright as they were when you first got the shirt, just need a dash of pepper, confused? Check out this article that talks about how you can use pepper keep the colors in your clothes, HERE.

Use less Detergent when Cleaning your Clothes

Lanza detergent

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If you have heard in the past that putting a lot of detergent on your clothes makes it more cleaner then your just throwing money down the drain literally, check out this article that talks about why this isn’t true and why you could save some money by managing your detergent usage better.

Clothes Should Match Your Tie Not The Other Way

Match of Cornhole

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I found this article pretty interesting, it is about your Tie should it be made to match what your wearing or should what you wear match your tie, seems trivial but perhaps it isn’t such a trivial argument to find out more on this perspective check out this article HERE.

Tight Clothes Drains your Energy!

skirt - part of women's clothes

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Did you know that tight clothing can actually make you waste more energy through out the day, do you actually need another reason to not wear tight clothes because the 80’s was over 30 years ago folks, no need to wear that crap anymore, need more reasons why, check out this article HERE.

Sort Clothes by Fabric not Color!

Pure Kush

Well you must be wondering why would you sort your clothes by fabric, instead of color when washing them, well you could save money and energy thats why, are you puzzled like i was, well check out this article that reveals the key to this practice, HERE.

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