Increase your Dropbox Space by Engaging in Dropquest II

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Last year Dropbox offered a really neat promotion where they would increase your accounts space if you did certain things, like refer the service to people, or share that you use the service on social networks you on, well the offers is back again and you can seriously increase your Dropbox account by sharing some love for Dropbox with others, for more check out DropQuest II.

Cubby is Unlimited File Storage of Sorts


Computernetwork (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your in the market for a file sharing and syncing solution for your computers then you might want to give Cubby consideration when it comes out of its beta period, the service is similar to Dropbox but it offers unlimited syncing of files between computers, and 5GB of cloud storage, which isn’t that bad at all, for now the service is in Beta, but you should keep your eyes open, for more check out Cubby.

Gain Access to your Cloud Services & Social Networks with Jolicloud for iOS

Jolicloud Desktop on Joli OS 1.2

Jolicloud Desktop on Joli OS 1.2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When your looking for a single solution to manage your cloud storage and your various social networks, on your iOS device, then you might want to give the program Jolicloud a try which can place all of these things in one place, for more check out Jolicloud for iOS.

Dropbox Update Gives Free space for Uploading Pictures from SD Cards / Smartphones


DropBox (Photo credit: darkpollo)

The latest update to the popular cloud file storage service Dropbox, offers the ability to upload SD card or smartphone pictures to your account, and also gives you some free space for doing so, for more on what’s change with your Dropbox client, check out this official post HERE.

Add Cloud Storage Options to Right Click Menu in Windows 7

Windows Live SkyDrive Logo

Windows Live SkyDrive Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Windows Explorer in Windows Vista

Windows Explorer in Windows Vista (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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If you use Cloud Storage as your preferred method of storing your files, then it might be nice if you could send files from Windows Explorer directly to the file storage service of your choice by right clicking on the file and select from the ensuing menus to send to file to lets say your Dropbox account or perhaps your Google Drive account, well you can hack Windows 7 to add this type of functionality to your system, check out this article with the details HERE.

Automatically Encrypt Files Sent to Google Drive from Mac OS with Automator

The standard user interface of Mac OS X

The standard user interface of Mac OS X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your using the new Cloud storage service Google Drive, and you have a need to keep your files encrypted and you are working from your Mac OS desktop, then you might want to consider using the program Automator for your Mac OS which will allow you to drag and drop your files from your desktop to Google Drive and in the process encrypt the files so you can rest assured knowing your files are safe, for more check out Automator for Mac OS.

Google Drive is the newest Cloud Storage Service on the Virtual Block

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Google Drive has been a rumor for a few months now, but now it is reality with the  official Launch of the service which offers 5GB of free storage, and has paid storage options that also increase your Gmail Inbox size which is a nice bonus, its also useful to note that the service is cheaper than Dropbox at the same GB sizes, making Google Drive a very attractive option if your looking for Cloud storage services, for more check out Google Drive.

Dropbox Referrals can earn you Free Space

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Dropbox has recently given a reward to those that refer the service to others by giving you a 500MB reward for referring someone as a free account holder, and a 1GB reward for referring someone as a paid account holder, for more check out this official Dropbox post HERE.

Google Drive to Arrive in April

Google Logo officially released on May 2010

Google Logo officially released on May 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was rumored that Google had a Cloud storage solution in the works, and that it would be called “Google Drive”, but all the rumors can be put the rest now that we know that its official and we can expect to see it in April, for more check out this article regarding Google Drive HERE.

Get 50GB of Free Cloud Storage using Box service for Android Before March 23, 2021

Android x86

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If you are in the need of some free cloud storage, and have an Android device, then you might want to grab the Android app Box and start using the service now, because if you do, they’ll give you 50GB of storage for free, and you can potential double that if your willing to share with your friends that you use the service, for more check out the app Box for Android.

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