Understanding Hue, Luminosity, & Saturation in a Imaging Program

Lang Co in Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam

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Have you ever had a program to edit an image but when you see the settings in the program you become overwhelmed a bit, well perhaps you should start with some of the basic features of these programs, being Hue, Luminosity & Saturation, for more on what these properties mean to an image, check out this article HERE.

Keep the Colors in your Clothes while Washing them

Drying clothes

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After washing your colored clothes a few times you might notice that colors are not a bright as the first time you saw the shirt at the store, but what if you could keep the colors as bright as they were when you first got the shirt, just need a dash of pepper, confused? Check out this article that talks about how you can use pepper keep the colors in your clothes, HERE.

Change That Stock White PVC cable color!

Two spools of gimp. Took pic myself

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Every device that has a PVC cable that plugs into a wall is either black or white, which depending on the person can be just annoying, because you like colors and you can’t stand to have anything looking stock in your house because you are unique, well check out this DIY project where you can change the color of White PVC cable to another color, check the article out HERE.

Create a Green Screen with your Computer

That's Mr to You

Image by maxymedia via Flickr

So your exploring the creative side of yourself and decided you need a green screen for the next scene in your saga but have no clue where your going to get that from, well fear not, check out this great lifehacker article on how to produce one for yourself, HERE.

Change That Photo?

This is a pretty cool way to edit specific colors from a picture, check the article out here!

Capturing The Color!

The article linked to this post has some great tips and hints to get the most color out of a photograph. Pretty cool stuff, check the article out here.

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