Writing An Email so you get a Reply


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Depending on how you write your Emails, will to some degree dictate if you get a responses, and how fast you’ll get a reply, but you may be wondering how do you construct your email so that you achieve this, well you might want to check out this article that gives some tips on how to do this HERE.

Sometimes it’s better to make a Phone Call instead of Emailing

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When you need to explain something to someone that you have tried to before in an email, you might be best served by making a phone call and have a conversation to get your point across as opposed to sending another email, for more on why this works check out this article HERE.

Speak at a comfortable rate in order to grab an Audiences Attention

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Although this is something taught in Public speaking and a most if you are a presenter of reports or presentations, most people don’t know that they can become ten times more persuasive with their speeches if they spoke at a comfortable rate, check out this article that expands on this point HERE.

Try Listening to achieve more in your Office Environment

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Check out this interesting article that talks about increasing your Listening skills in order to excel at your Office jobs environment and your coworkers, check the article out HERE.

Communicate better by pretending the world is a Stranger?

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This was a very interesting article I came across that talks about how you may be able to be more clear when you communicate by talking to others regardless if you know them as if they were a stranger, check out this article for more on the topic, HERE.

Improve Those Writing Skills


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Lifehacker has a great article on 10 ways to improve upon your writing skills, and even if your are a decent writer you might benefit from checking out these tips, HERE.

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