Free up Hard Drive space on your Mac Desktop with a Search Filter

The standard user interface of Mac OS X

The standard user interface of Mac OS X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps your Mac OS Desktop is starting to get cluttered with files, and you want to find a way to clean up your hard drive, one way to do this would be to identify the biggest files or the ones taking up the most disk space and find a way to delete or move the files, but finding out size order of your files might not be an easy task, but you can make things simple by just employing a filter, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

Drag Files from your Desktop into your Dropbox Account

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Perhaps you didn’t know that you can drag a file from your desktop into your Dropbox account using Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari browsers, which can be pretty useful if you have one or two files you want to quickly add to your dropbox account for safe keeping, for more check out this article that talks about dragging files to your Dropbox account HERE.

Create a Folder for a Group of Highlighted files in Windows with Files 2 Folder

Folder thumbnail preview

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If you do a fair amount of file management in windows explorer then you’ll probably want a few options that aren’t there out of the box, perhaps the ability to create a folder for a group of files, and you can do this fairly easily using the Windows Utility Files 2 Folder.

Rename a Batch of files on your Mac with FreshBatch

The standard user interface of Mac OS X

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When it comes to finding a utility for renaming a batch of files on your Mac Desktop you might in the dark as to a program you can use to achieve your mass renaming goals, but now you can rest easy because you can use the free program FreshBatch to rename those couple hundred pictures you took from vacation, whatever the reason if your need to bulk rename files on your Mac Desktop be sure to check out FreshBatch.

Close Locked Windows Files with OpenFilesView

The Windows family tree.

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When you are trying to do something in Windows with a file or folder and you get the message that the file is in use, but your pretty sure your not using it, you have run into an old issue with Windows, which is from time to time a program will not release a file, making it appear that the file is in use when it is not, but you can now resolve this issue with the Windows program OpenFilesView.

Transfer Large files with JustBeamIt

File Transfer

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If you are trying to share a file or two with your friend and it happens to be a video or another big file that might not fit on a USB drive then you might want to take a look at the service JustBeamIt which makes sharing large files a breeze, for more check out JustBeamIt’s Homepage.

MediaTab for Windows add Multimedia Pane

Windows Explorer in Windows 7

Image via Wikipedia

You probably hate how windows explorer shows a lot of information but when it comes to your media files, it shows everything you don’t need to know and everything you want to know about a file you can’t see without digging into the file a bit more, then you need to check out this really cool program that will solve this issue for you, called MediaTab.

Encrypt your files in Windows

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Check out this useful program for Encrypting your files in windows, with a side bonus that it works well for encrypting files for uploading to the popular Dropbox web service, grab a copy of the program from HERE.

Find and Replace text in Multiple Files in UNIX

File folders heirarchy

Image via Wikipedia

You need to change a few keywords in 4 different files and you don’t really want to do this file by file, then you might want to check out this article that has a neat tip for changing multiple files text, HERE.

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