Take Regular Breaks on your Windows machine with EyeLeo

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

It isn’t good to sit behind a computer screen for hours on end doing work, and so taking a scheduled break from the computer every so often isn’t a bad idea, and to remind you of when you should take this break on your Windows machine is a program called EyeLeo which will dim your screen reminding you its time to take five, for more check out EyeLeo for Windows.

ProtectYourVision For your computer!

A black Acer Computer monitor.

Image via Wikipedia

This is a neat program I came across that will shut down your screen at a predetermined time so that you eyes can get a time out from the computer screen which can be unfriendly to your eyes, check out the homepage of ProtectYourVision HERE.

Calibrate Dual Monitors

BBC Master Series microcomputer with Dell LCD ...

Image via Wikipedia

So you have your screen split over two monitors but notice the colors on the monitors don’t exactly match up, check out this cheap calibration software you can use to get things in sync, check the article out HERE.

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