Edit your Windows Content Menu’s with Right Click Tweaker for Windows

Windows 7 build 7600

Windows 7 build 7600 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to Windows Content Menus or for those that don’t know what this is, the menu that comes up in Windows when you right click on your mouse, you might find that some of them have too much of crap in them, or perhaps they are missing a options you really need, either way you might want to check out the Windows program Right Click Tweaker which will allow you to edit the menu, putting items you want on there, for more check out Right Click Tweaker for Windows.

WindowsMenuPlus offers more Options in your Windows Menus

SAS 9 on Microsoft Windows screen shot

Image via Wikipedia

Your the type that likes a modified system and you like control over your windows, so this might mean you need to check out WindowsMenuPlus that will allow you to do a few extra things from right in side the window your currently working on, check out more about this product, HERE.

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