Cook’s Thesaurus is a Good way to Find Alternative Food

CookingPerhaps you don’t have a certain something to make a dish but your wondering if you have something on hand that could substitute that other food without ruining your dish, well then you might want to consult the Cook’s Thesaurus to find out which food is a proper substitute for Carrots lets say, for more check out the Cook’s Thesaurus.

Finger Food Combination Generator: Good for Parties

Easter - feasting finger foodsWhen it comes to Finger foods, you might have just three foods to make your finger foods from, but don’t let that limit the amount of different finger foods you can make out of those three items, for more on figuring out what finger foods you can craft with the goods you have on hand, check out the Finger Food Combination Generator.

Get Recipes on your Android Device with ChefTap

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If you like to look up recipes on the train or bus before you go home so you can make your grocery purchases on the way in, or just to have something new to eat every week, then you should check out the Android app ChefTap which can find recipes your looking for in a zip, also there are no ads in this program, its free, so make sure you check out ChefTap for Android.

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Two Bowls are all you need to Peel Garlic in seconds

D. Mitrohin. Onions and Garlic. 1973. Pencil d...

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If you have ever had to cook and used Garlic then you might have something against peeling it, but did you know all you need is 2 large bowls and a few seconds to un-peel that Garlic, check out this article that talks about this technique HERE.

Use Lemon Juice as a Salt Substitute when Cooking

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If your cooking a meal and happen to run out of salt did you know you could possibly use Lemon Juice as a substitute, although this doesn’t naturally sound right, check out this article that explains how this works, HERE.

Cooking Fish Properly in 10 Minutes

Ddeokbokki (panbroiled rice cakes with vegetab...

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If you like to eat fish then you probably know that it doesn’t take that long to actually cook fish, in fact it only takes about 10 minutes, and to boot this is a rule when cooking fish, check out this article that talks about cooking fish by the 10 minute rule, HERE.

How to Cook Salmon In your Kitchen Sink

Plastic Bag

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This might sound crazy but this article will show you how to cook Salmon in your Kitchen Sink with a plastic bag and some hot water, for more information on how this works, check out this article HERE, happy eating!

Remove Tomato Skin with Ease

Small tomatoes in Korea

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You have always struggled with removing Tomato Skin so that your sauce or other dishes come out the way you want, instead of a little Tomato skin ruining the texture and general feel of your meal, check out this article that has a really neat technique for getting rid of tomato skin, HERE.

Getting Rice/grains not to Stick in the pan

Rice pudding (Portuguese style), at home (pict...

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Your about to chef up some Rice or other grain and hate when half of the meal is stuck to the bottom of the pan, check out this article that has a solution to your problems, HERE.

1 Chicken + 50 Dollars = 22 Meals for the week

Chicken cooking on a gas grill rotisserie. The...

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Check out this pretty neat article that shows you how to use 1 chicken to create 22 meals all for about 50 Dollars US, sounds good and delicious, check out the article HERE.

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