Get your Recipes, Meals Planned and Shopping List in one place with ZipList


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When it comes to managing what we eat, and making sure you can prepare that meal, you might sometimes run into issues here and there, and if you want a way to streamline the entire process, you might want to take a look at the service/program Ziplist which will keep Recipes, your meal plans for the week or day, and a shopping list to make sure your prepared to cook whats on your list, for more check out Ziplist which also has a iOS/Android app.

Get Assistance Cooking from your iOS device using Food52 Hotline App

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Unless your a master chef, perhaps there has come a time when your cooking something and you don’t know how to do something or what in the hell your suppose to do next, and all you have is you and your iOS device, well then your in luck, because you can find help in a flash using the free program Food52 Hotline for iOS Devices.

Plan out your Meals with Food On The Table Web Service

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Planning out what to cook can be a chore all in itself, but if you want to cut down on some of the over head, you might want to employ the service Food On The Table which will help you plan your meal out, create a shopping list of items you need to make that planned meal, as well as Android and iOS app so you can do your planning on the go, for more check out the service Food On The Table.

PunchFork for iOS offers Popular Recipes on your Mobile Device


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When it come to finding recipes for popular meals or dishes you might want to grab the iOS app Punchfork which like the webapp which the app is based off of, you’ll find recipes to many of the things your looking for, and now you can do this right off your iOS device, for more check out Punchfork for iOS.

How to Make Tofu from Soy Milk

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If your a Tofu type of person or trying to at least keep one day out of the week that your not eating meat, then you might be interested in how to make Tofu from Soy Milk and if so, you might want to check out this article that has details on the process HERE.

Prepare Food quicker in an Assembly Line

Water is often used to cook foods such as noodles.

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If you have tried to perfect your cooking so that it works as if your a well oiled machine hitting the run way, perhaps one of the ways you can streamline your cooking is to work in an assembly line fashion, similar to the way cooks do in a restaurant, for more on how this could work for you, check out this article HERE.

Keep Recipe stores your recipes you find Online

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If you often search the web or your favorite recipe site for recipes to meals your interested in, then you might wish you could keep a virtual book of sorts of the recipes you have found online, and here steps in Keep Recipes which is a online service and iOS mobile app that can do this for you, making keeping your recipes a bit easier, check out Keep Recipes.

Using Wood Ash to clean your Dishes in the Wild


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If you are out camping or in the woods roughing it out, then you might not always have access to things you need like soap for cleaning dishes, well luck for you, you can use the Wood Ash from the fire you created to cook your food to clean off the dishes you ate your meal on, check out this article for the details on how this works HERE.

Foodily Facebook App shares your Recipes and More

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If you are a user of Foodily then you will be glade to know that they have release a Facebook App that will allow you to share recipes you have searched for and other things so that your Facebook Friends keep up with what you have going on in the kitchen, for more on the App check out this link HERE.

Egg Cooking Calculator

Cooking Röschti in Blantyre, Malawi

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Cooking is an art that is dependent on time, so why not have the time calculated for you when your egg is done, taking some of the thinking out of your cooking experience, check out this Egg Cooking Calculator.

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