How to Get out Verizon’s $30 Upgrade Fee

Verizon: Paying Politicians to Rule the Air (g...

Verizon: Paying Politicians to Rule the Air (g1a2d0047c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

It may not seem fair to you that Verizon will be charging you an Upgrade fee soon when you update your mobile device, which can be avoided with a little bit of thinking, for a possible method to avoiding this fee, check out this article HERE.

Zappos Hacked, What You Need To Know

Zappos Tour

Image by Robert Scoble via Flickr

If you use the online retailer Zappos to shop, they have been recently hacked, and you might want to check out there homepages post on the incident and steps you might have to take to make sure your not exposed to further breaches based on the information that was taken from the Zappos servers, for more check out the official post from Zappos HERE.

General Overview of Online Deal Websites

Analysis of Daily Deals SitesIt might be hard to choose which online deal site to subscribe to, worse yet you probably feel if you don’t follow all of them that your going to miss out on some type of lifetime deal, well that may not really be true once you understand how these deals sites work, which ones specialize in what goods, so limit your attention to a few key sites, check out this site that breaks down Online Deal Websites with an Infograph HERE.

New Credit Card Fee’s

First 4 digits of a credit card

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Because of the changes to the Credit Card industry there have been a bunch of new charges added to replace the fee’s that can no longer be charged to customers by credit card companies, check out some of these new fee’s HERE.

How to Improve Customer Service

RDNS Customer Service Representative

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You always want to best customer service but how do we get this? Well one way is to carry a camera with you, the logic here I assume is that once a person sees that you will hold them accountable for whatever service you provide plus you have a way of recording the transaction, to associate will probably put their best foot forward for the camera, check out more tips HERE.

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