Select & Copy Text with Mac Quick Look Feature

Quick Look RocksIt is pretty useful to have a feature like Quick Look for Mac’s where you can quickly look at a document, but perhaps you might want to copy or select some text from the document, you currently can’t do this using the Quick Look feature, but perhaps you might want to check out this hack that will give you the ability to select and copy text from Quick Look, for more on the details check out this article HERE.

FormatMatch for Mac, Copies Text while Stripping out Format

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When you do a fair amount of text editing on your Mac having a copy feature that allows you to do things like stripping the formatting of text so that you can copy it to different programs is useful, and to that end you might want to check out the program FormatMatch for Mac OS.

Copy & Paste Text to the world

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You do a lot with your clipboard, and you rather have a way to copy and paste things straight away to various places, well maybe you can, check out this program that will do away with pasting to multiple places at once, HERE.

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