Using a Bike Lock the right way

Bike Chain

Image by _Yoshi_ via Flickr

If you need to chain up your bike, you might want to know how to do it in a manner so that you come back to the same bike you locked up, because even though you might secure the frame of the bike, that doesn’t mean that other parts of the bike are exposed to theft, for some tips on how to use a bike lock properly, check out this video¬†HERE.

DIY Bike Lock

Bicycle lock

Image via Wikipedia

You got a shiny new Bicycle and you really rather hate it if you stopped at the store and came out and the Bike was gone, well maybe all you need to do is begin this DIY project for making a Bike Lock, for more details on the process check out this article HERE.

How to buy a Bike

A commuter cyclist in the London morning rush ...

Image via Wikipedia

Your on a mission to lose weight and you figure you always wanted to do the Bike riding thing so sure enough your going to be purchasing a new Bike, well maybe you don’t know too much about the topic, get a crash course on what you need to look out for on your next Bike purchase, HERE.

DIY Automatic Bicycle Pump

Foot-operated bicycle pump

Image via Wikipedia

Well this is more of a hack, maybe something you do in a worse case scenario, but i know people will find this cool, a automatic bicycle pump, even if it involves stealing the air from a cars tires *cough*, still interested if this doesn’t check this how to guide out!

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