Watch how you Breathe on your Wireless Network

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If you ever wondered how can you get a better WiFi signal you will be shocked to learn that not breathing is one way to keep your WiFi signal good, also moving is a big no no for getting a good WiFi signal, for more on why your WiFi signal can be weakened by movement, check out this article HERE.


Setting up a Wired Ethernet network @ Home

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We always talk about these days moving away from physically wired networks and moving on to wireless networks but there still is a big gap in speed you lose by using a wireless network, and sometimes for things like video or gaming you need a consistent internet connection, thats why you might want to check out this guide to wiring your home network, HERE.

Wifi Theft detection

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So your wondering why is the internet connection is so slow when I am the only person on the internet, or so you think, maybe someone is using your connection without you knowing? Well if you think you have someone stealing your bandwidth check out this article on how to check if your right, HERE.

Worried about ISP putting a Cap on your Downloads/Uploads?

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I know for awhile i started to think that you can’t get the speed your suppose to from your ISP no matter what the case is, in fact you probably cant even get 3/4 unless you wait till 4AM eastern and test your connection. To really test to see if your ISP is limiting your connection check out this useful speed test HERE.

wiFi Uses

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Most people don’t realize that you can do more than jump online with a wifi connection, in fact you can do a lot of neat things like, sync your devices VIA wifi, and other wireless services or connectivity can be established using WiFi,  uses for WiFi. Check this article out on other potential uses.

Public Wifi Do’s & Dont’s

Wifi network

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So you might always be happy that you found that WiFi connection, you can now hit the internet and do all that stuff you wanted to do but beware, public WiFi connections are tricky beasts use them with caution, check this article on what to look out for and keep yourself safe.

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