Get Data Compression for your ICS Device using Onavo Extend

Android 4.0.1

Android 4.0.1 (Photo credit: laihiu)

If your looking for a counterpart to the Data compression program Onavo for the iOS, then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a new version of the program for Android 4.0 ICS which is called Onavo Extend which will Compression your data so that you don’t use unnecessary bandwidth on your Android ICS mobile device, for more check out Onavo Extend for Android ICS Only.

Onavo manages your Data Usage Per App for Android

Head of android Data

Image via Wikipedia

If your wondering how much data you are using, and which apps are data hogs, then you need to check out this great program for android called Onavo that will be able to put all your data usage stats in front of your face, check out Onavo.

Download all your Google Data with This App

Graphic which hints to Microsoft Windows

Image via Wikipedia

Perhaps you just don’t like all your data at Google servers and rather you have a copy for yourself, and your not interested in using Google Takeout for exporting your data, then you might want to check out this Windows program that can download the data for you, HERE.

Learn more about Photos from other good Photos EXIF Data

The photo shows Hall in Tyrol near Innsbruck, ...

Image via Wikipedia

You may be interested in improving your photography skills or learning why good photos are just that good, Well examining those photos you consider good EXIF data you can learn about what made that photo good from a technical stand point which can improve your photos down the line, check more about this topic, HERE.

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