Eliminate Debt with a 20% Payback Plan

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If you find yourself in a debt that just doesn’t seem to have any end, you might find a easier way to crack this mountain is to take it in chunks in this case 20% chunks, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

Eliminate Low Interest Debt First

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You have a few debts you need to clear but you are unsure as to the order in which you should work off the debt, check out this article that takes the position that paying off Low Interest Debt is the way to go, HERE.

Use Cash to get out of Debt

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This might sound wild, but one way to get out of debt is to use cash for everything, but you may ask how does this get me out of debt simple, if you have to pay for everything in cash, then you will avoid credit which might be one of the major ways you’ve gotten yourself into debt in the first place, check this article out for more details on the topic, HERE.

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