Control your DSLR from your Android Device

Photo of the Canon EOS 50D Digital, showing mo...

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You might have known that it is possible to control some DSLR from the iOS but now you can control Canon DSLR cameras from your Android Device, check out this application that can get this done for you, HERE.

Turn SLR Lens into Marco Lens

Photo © by Jeff Dean.

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You need to get some Marco Lens going on but only have some cheaper SLR lens that you have nothing you can do with it, or so you think, check out this article with instructions on how to change that SLR lens into a Marco Lens, HERE.

Learn to use a DSLR camera without one

Nikon D700 camera

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Check out this pretty cool simulator that will allow you to see how a DSLR Camera works before you dive into your pockets to get one, check out the application HERE.

DSLR camera transformed into a Professional Camera

Samsung GX-1S DSLR camera.

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So you spent the money to get that new DSLR camera and if you made this investment why not get the most out of your camera, check out this great Lifehacker article on how to supercharge that DSLR camera, HERE.

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