Get Rid of Dock Delays in Mac OS 10.7

The Launchpad (formerly Springboard) on Mac OS...

The Launchpad (formerly Springboard) on Mac OS X Lion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you use the Dock on your Mac OS 10.7 desktop you might find the delay in the dock appearing and hiding to be rather annoying and wish you could somehow adjust or change this delay to suit you, well you just might be able to, check out this article that discusses this issue and how you can change the delay, HERE.

Spice Up your Mac OS X Lion Dock with Dock Designer

The standard user interface of Mac OS X

Image via Wikipedia

If the stock dock on your Mac OS X Lion desktop isn’t up to par for your liking, then perhaps you might want to take a look at a program called Dock Designer that will allow you to customize the dock in a few different ways, for more check out the free program Dock Designer for Mac OS X Lion.

MultiBar is more than a Dock program for Windows

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

Image via Wikipedia

If you like Docks for windows such as RocketDock or other Launchers then you might want to give the program MultiBar for windows a shot which can provide a Dock among other features the program offers, for more check out MultiBar for Windows.

Change Your OSX Dock Icons

Dock (Mac OS X)

Image via Wikipedia

Came across this great article on how to change the icons on you OSX Dock, I don’t usually post MAC OSX hacks but this one is a goodie, don’t usually see many ways to tinker with the OSX desktop so i had to post the article, check it out HERE.

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