Get an Explanation as to Why Gmail marks an Email as Spam

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You ever wonder how does Gmail determine spam email? Well Gmail will now give you a reason why a message landed in your Spam folder instead of your Inbox, which in most cases is where they belong, for more on this change to Gmail check out this official Gmail post HERE.

PaperKarma rids you of Junk Mail


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If you find that your swamped with spam mail, and your looking for a easy means to ridding yourself of annoying messages then you might want to give the program PaperKarma a try for your Android, iOS or Windows Phone 7device.

Clean Up your Inbox of all the Daily Deals Emails You Receive

screenshot of an email inbox filled with spam

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Although at times a email or two with deals on various items from your preferred retailers isn’t a bad thing, but when you get them everyday it can become too much, and you sometimes feel like its more like spam than something you want to see in your inbox, and you now have a solution to that issue by using the free service Frugalo.

Clean up your Inbox with UnRoll.Me Service

An email box folder littered with spam messages.

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Sometimes you go into your inbox and your swarmed by crap you don’t even need to be getting, and you wish you could just unsubscribe from a bulk of the spam mail you receive, well to this end, you might want to check out the service UnRoll.Me which is in Beta right now but can help you unsubscribe to mailing list you no longer have an interest in, for more check out the link HERE.

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