Learn how to Use VIM Text editor by playing VIM Adventures

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VIM text editor is a keyboard only editor, meaning there is no mouse support, which is pretty much how you would edit text from a command prompt style interface to a Text editor, this can take some getting used to and if you need to make the adjustment, then you might want to check out the game VIM Adventures which gives you a fun way to learn how to us the Keyboard only interface for more check out VIM Adventures.

Learning to use VIM for Text Editing

Screenshot of Vim text editor

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If your looking for a text editor that will have you editing like a pro, then you may want to give VIM a go it is completely mouse free text editing, check out VIM.

Grab Text from Anywhere with Text Editor Anywhere

Screenshot of graphical vim (gvim) showing key...

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You need to grab text from various screens and places on your computer and you need a program that will make the task as simple as it can be, well then you need to check out Text Editor Anywhere.

Text Editors

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Ever need a text editor maybe because your a programmer, or write scripts often/edit them, or just perhaps you like to use a notepad style program, but need more than what is offered by note pad, well check out some of these great text editor alternatives:









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