Cook a Egg with an Orange Peel Over a Camp Fire


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Lets say you have to cook some eggs cause your out in the woods and you got to have your eggs, but you don’t have a pan, not to fear, bust out that Orange Peel and get the camp fire going baby we are going to have Eggs, if your not sure how this works, neither am I that’s why you should check out this Video for how this works, HERE.

Egg Cooking Calculator

Cooking Röschti in Blantyre, Malawi

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Cooking is an art that is dependent on time, so why not have the time calculated for you when your egg is done, taking some of the thinking out of your cooking experience, check out this Egg Cooking Calculator.

Make Eggs the right way, perfection!

European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris), typical ...

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You like your eggs a certain way, can’t stand when it is looking crazy, or leaky or any other way, well check out this article about cooking eggs the Perfect way, check the article out HERE.

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