Best Days of the Week to Shop Online


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You probably wish you new some insider trick or tip to making purchases of items your looking for online, well check out this article that has the best days of the week to purchase various items or groups of items online, for more check out the article HERE.

Location affects Online Shopping?

Map of USA with New York highlighted

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Never really thought about this much, but living in New York is great because Online shopping is usually geared up to major cities like mine, with warehouses located in the northeast, but for others they may be in a location where they end up paying more for online shopping because of shipping cost, check out this article that breaks the topic down further, HERE.

Online Shopping Tips


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Lifehacker has put together this great guide for ensuring that you get the best deals on whatever online shopping you may do this week, or later into the holiday season and beyond, check the article out HERE.

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