Say No to SOPA & PIPA Gen2 Called CISPA

Uncle Sam with empty treasury, 1920, by James ...

Uncle Sam with empty treasury, 1920, by James Montgomery Flag. Reference to economic situation at end of World War I. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once again another Bill is will be making the rounds in congress at some point this year targeting the creations of new rules regarding Online regulation of Cyber Security in the Eyes of Uncle Sam, which once again is worded in very vague terms leaving the bill ready to be abused by the Govt and big business, check out this article by the EFF that details why you should also rally against the CISPA bill HERE.

HTTPS Everywhere now has Chrome Extensions as well as Firefox

עברית: לוגו של התוסף HTTPS Everywhere לפיירפוקס

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If you are going to pass information over the web you want to do it securely, and one of the ways to achieve this is to use HTTPS versions of pages instead of the insecure HTTP protocol, and to that end, you might forget from time to time to go to the correct version of the site your trying to access, but you can take the remembering part out using the Firefox and now Chrome extension HTTPS Everywhere.

Removing your Google History before March 1 Policy Change

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Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

If you don’t know, Google will be changing its privacy policy regarding the data it stores and collects about your in the past and in the future starting march 1, but if you would like to clear your history with Google now so your have a clear slate for when March 1 rolls around, then check out this article by the EFF regarding how to clear your Google History HERE.

Secure Browsing to over 1000 Sites with HTTPS Everywhere

Once the extension is installed, Firefox asks ...

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If you have been using HTTPS Everywhere beta then you will be glad to know that the popular security Firefox extension is coming out of Beta, now supporting over 1000 sites, for secure HTTPS browsing, check out more about this extension, HERE.

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