Create Voice Memos that get Emailed to you for your iOS device using Instacorder

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más...

Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc’s iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the idea of creating Voice Memos for yourself that get sent to your email account for later review, and your using an iOS device to do this, then you might want to check out the program Instacorder for your Voice Memo needs because it makes the process pretty easy, for more check out Instacorder for iOS devices.

Zappos Hacked, What You Need To Know

Zappos Tour

Image by Robert Scoble via Flickr

If you use the online retailer Zappos to shop, they have been recently hacked, and you might want to check out there homepages post on the incident and steps you might have to take to make sure your not exposed to further breaches based on the information that was taken from the Zappos servers, for more check out the official post from Zappos HERE.

Stopping Gmail From Considering your Emails Spam or Phisher

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When you get flagged as a spammer or for phisher, your email’s probably will be returned to you, because other mail servers will reject the mail, or send it straight to the spam box of a recipients account, where they will never know that it ever came, but you can undo this nightmare if you’ve been mistakenly flagged, check out this article that talks about the steps you can take to come out the Gmail spam box, HERE.

Sometimes it’s better to make a Phone Call instead of Emailing

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Image by Kerry Goodwin Photography via Flickr

When you need to explain something to someone that you have tried to before in an email, you might be best served by making a phone call and have a conversation to get your point across as opposed to sending another email, for more on why this works check out this article HERE.

Extract Emails from Windows with Ease

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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If you find it too time intensive to copy and paste email addresses found on websites or in documents are pretty much anywhere within windows, then you might want to check out the program Easy Email Extractor for Windows which will make the task a joke, for more check out Easy Email Extractor.

Get All your Online Contacts into One place with Neiio

Palringo Contact List Screenshot

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If you have contacts on several different services online and wish you could put them all in into one online contact list you can export to other systems then you might want to check out the service Neiio.

Get a Temp Email with Mailnesia

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If you sign up to a lot of online services then you might not want to give your real email to all the services you sign up for, so it might be useful from time to time to have a temporary email address, and that’s where the service Mailnesia kicks in which offers free temporary email plus more, check out Mailnesia.

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