Use the People You Know to Find a Job using WorkFu

Employment Exhibition

Employment Exhibition (Photo credit: Modern_Language_Center)

When it comes to finding a New Job, chances are your probably going to land a job not because of what you know but based on who you know, and to that end you might need some assistance pooling together the untapped asset being your friends, into a job opportunity, and to achieve this you might want to enlist the service WorkFu.

Keep track of Jobs your Looking for with Huntsy

Tt jobs

Tt jobs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to finding a job, you can use as much help as you can get, and a great tool to use is Huntsy, which will keep an eye out for a job your looking for, and also make the applications process as simple as possible so that you can get more done in less time, for more check out the service Huntsy. might be an Resume Alternative

Leonard George Chapman Resume Page 1

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If you wanted to display your resume in a new way that would be accessible from pretty much any modern office or location, then you might want to consider using the service to display a page that could be used as a resume, and it even offers you a download of your resume if you set it up to do so, for more check out the service

Keep Track of The Status of your Job Applications with StartWire


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If you are applying to a few different jobs at once, and you want to stay on top of each application, you might become a bit over worked with all the checking you have to do, but you can centralize the process by using the service StartWire to keep tabs on the status of your job applications, provided that the company your applying with has an agreement with Startwire, which over 5,400 companies currently do, for more check out the service StartWire.

Automate your Job Search with Ifttt

When it comes to looking for a job, you might find yourself spending an unusual amount of time looking for a job, and you probably have thought there has got to be an easier way to keep an eye open for new job openings and there is, check out this article that uses the service Ifttt to track new job openings, for more check out this article HERE.

Employment Exhibition

Image by Modern_Language_Center via Flickr

How To Get A Raise

The back cover of Raise!

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When it comes to getting an increase in Pay at work, you might be at a loss as to how you should go about getting this increase, but there are some steps you can take to insure that your employer understands you are in need of a raise, without sounding unprofessional or making yourself feel uncomfortable, for more check out this article with the details HERE.

US Department of Labor on Facebook Helping Ppl Find Jobs

The seal of the United States Department of Labor

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If you are a US citizen then there are probably times in the last 4 or 5 years you wish you could choke someone from the department of Labor for the countries lack of employment, but now the folks at DOL have decided to jump on Facebook and attempt to help people by posting potential employment posts, for more check out the US Department of Labor’s Facebook page.

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