Automatically Encrypt Files Sent to Google Drive from Mac OS with Automator

The standard user interface of Mac OS X

The standard user interface of Mac OS X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If your using the new Cloud storage service Google Drive, and you have a need to keep your files encrypted and you are working from your Mac OS desktop, then you might want to consider using the program Automator for your Mac OS which will allow you to drag and drop your files from your desktop to Google Drive and in the process encrypt the files so you can rest assured knowing your files are safe, for more check out Automator for Mac OS.

Your own Encrypted Chat room with Cryptocat

Chat room

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You probably been wishing for years if you could have a private chat room that isn’t hard to setup that is totally secure so that you and your buddies can have conversations without worrying about others peering on your thoughts, well then you might want to give Cryptocat.

Encrypt your files in Windows

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Check out this useful program for Encrypting your files in windows, with a side bonus that it works well for encrypting files for uploading to the popular Dropbox web service, grab a copy of the program from HERE.

Encrypt your text with this WebApp

AES data encryption

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You need to send some sensitive data, and don’t have a lot of time to prepare its delivery, well then you might want to use this web resource to secure your data, check the web-apps homepage HERE.

Encrypt Those Files!


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So you hear people toss this term around, your favorite secret agent movie will at least once mention the term, and you’ve probably thought would it be cool if i could do that too, or maybe not, but check these encryption tools out!


GNU Privacy Guard

Disk Utility




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