Overwhelmed with Decisions?

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If you feel like your Overwhelmed by all of the decisions you make then you may be suffering from Decision Fatigue which can lead to bad decisions or even mental lapses that you usually wouldn’t make, check out this article that has some tips on how you can relieve this type of fatigue, HERE.


Nature’s Red Bull


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You ever wonder if there really is a Energy Drink out there that is from Mother Earth, which if we use we may not have to die? Well then you need to check out this article with an Energy drink you’ll probably want to try, HERE.

Obtain Motivation as needed

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What if there was a way to power up your Motivation within at any given moment so when you need that burst of energy to complete a task, or to begin one your ready on a moments notice, well maybe you should read this article that has a way to provide motivation for yourself anytime, HERE.

Add a Solar Power to your Smartphone

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Check out this really cool DIY project where you end up with a Solar panel on your Smartphone that can be used to charge your device in the sun, pretty cool concept, just need to know how to solder, for more details on the project check out this video HERE.

May The Wind Lead to Light?

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Check out this pretty cool product you can buy for your backyard that will provide light as long as there is a 4mph wind gust and better, which isn’t all that bad, might be a nice cool thing to put up in your backyard, check out the product homepage HERE.

Conserve Energy when Charging Devices

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

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We all have things that need to get charged but we are not able to watch over the device and the second it is full charge we disconnected so that we conserve energy well check out this article that provides a way to overcome this shortcoming HERE.

Tips & Tricks to Save Energy

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

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For so many reasons it is always a good idea to employ techniques to reduces your energy footprints, not only to save you money to but to save earth on the whole, and to preserve the world for the future, so check out this article that has some great energy saving tips you can use today, HERE.

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