Hero Training, Leads to Heroic Action?

Cover art for the game Universal Hero

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You always wanted to do good for the world and so your on your quest to become a Hero, well you’ll need to Train first and this article might be just want your looking for HERE.

Train like an Athlete

Wayne Gretzky, New York Rangers.

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Your about to get to a life long goal, get in shape like an Athlete but your not exactly sure how to get to that goal, well check out this article that will lead you on your path HERE.

Your MP3 Playlist synced to your BPM

Check out this article on how you can design a playlist that BPM, workout fiends should jump on this ASAP as I’m almost certain that working out to music that is in sync with your internal clock most likely improve the productivity of that workout!

Fittness Tools

This article covers 10 fitness tools you can use to keep yourself in tip top shape, which isn’t a bad idea for American’s.

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