Manage Your Chrome Extensions with “Disable All Extensions”

If you use Google Chrome and want to find a way to manage your Extensions a bit easier then you might want to give the extension Disable All Extensions a Try, for more check out Disable All Extensions for Google Chrome.

Get a Preview of the Ratings of Related Videos in YouTube

When your looking at videos on YouTube to kill sometimes, it might be useful to know the ratings of related videos you might watch, but because you like the current video doesn’t really mean the Videos YouTube suggest are also of the same quality or rating, to find this out you might want to check out this Google Chrome Extension Related Videos!

How to manage your Firefox Extensions

This is a pretty cool article on how to manage your firefox extensions on multiply computers. I like this idea because there are some really good extensions out there and its always hard to remember to install that extension you found at work at home etc.., Check this article out on the how to.

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