Facebook has File sharing feature to send files to Groups

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You probably have a lot of your friends on your Facebook page, and if you use groups to organize them all then you might find it easier to send files to them using the feature Facebook has recently added for its users to send files to other users, for more check out this blog post HERE.

Facebook’s Hidden Inbox

Facebook Notifications Management (Mark as Spam!)

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You would have figured the one inbox you have for messages had everything in regards to inbox messages all in this one place, but you would be wrong because you have a second inbox within your Facebook account that isn’t directly accessible, for more on this inbox and how to access it check out this article HERE.

Edit Your Facebook Comments

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Today Facebook.Com rolled out a new feature, you can now edit your comments, or probably for that matter comments posted on your wall or comments you posted on others walls, but thats to say you bite your tongue and go back on your comments, either way check out this post on the comment editing feature, HERE.

Facebook Shortcuts

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Don’t feel like moving the mouse? Or perhaps your more comfortable with keystrokes rather than navigating here and there, well check out this collection of Facebook shortcuts that will cut down your need to click away, check the listing HERE.

Gift Ideas from Geolocation Social Networks like Foursquare?

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Came across a great article that has a way to get ideas for gifts for your friends and family this holiday season, since you are on Foursquare or another Geo-location based social network (Gowalla, Facebook Places) , perhaps check the places your friends are checking in lately or in the next day to see where you might be able to snag a gift for the special someone, check out the article HERE.

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