Take control of Facebook Spam like Comments and Games

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If you find that your Facebook New Feed is stuffed with what games your friends are playing or annoying comments that you really wish didn’t make it to your feed, you can now use a button near the right hand side of the post to future posts from that source to be unfollowed, hopefully removing it from your sight, for more on how this works, check out this article HERE.

Facebook has File sharing feature to send files to Groups

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You probably have a lot of your friends on your Facebook page, and if you use groups to organize them all then you might find it easier to send files to them using the feature Facebook has recently added for its users to send files to other users, for more check out this blog post HERE.

Looking for an Alternative to Android Facebook App, Try Friendcaster


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The Facebook Android app has been known to be a pretty shaky piece of software that is pretty slow to load among other issues, and that’s why you might be in the market for an alternative way to access your Facebook account and you might want to give the app Friendcaster for Android a chance!

Ditch the Android Facebook App for Fast Facebook for Android

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The Facebook app for Android although it is a recommended app for your Android device, you might not get the best experience on Facebook using it, for starts the app tends to be very slow, loading items at a slow rate even on high end devices, leading many to feel the app is just poorly designed, and to that end you might be seeking an alternative, and you might want to check out Fast Facebook for Android.

Facebook Offers gives Businesses you Liked a way to Promote Products/Services to you

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Facebook has just kicked off a new feature called Facebook Offers which consists of ads for products you liked in the past, displaying offerings on your new feed, which might not be a bad thing, but like anything else you need to see it in practice before we make a judgement on the feature, for more check out this page HERE.

Facebook Users may want to know how to use Instagram Filters


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With the purchase of the popular service Instagram, many people have speculated that at some point you’ll see parts of the service end up as functions of Facebook, and probably the most likely feature of the Instagram service to be part of Facebook would be Filters, and you might want to take the time to check out this article that talks about the potential filters and Facebook, HERE.

How to Not share what you Read on Facebook

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Although there are times perhaps you would like to share with your friends an article you have read because you think that others might benefit from it, there are times you read an article for personal reasons and don’t really care to share it with the world at large, yet if your logged into Facebook and click an icon everyone knows what you read, if your looking for a way to disable or get around this issue check out this article with some tips HERE.

Take Control of your Social Network Accounts with Bliss Control

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It can become very difficult to maintain various different profiles on different social networks, and it then can be a chore to do simple things like changing your password or uploading a new profile picture, but you can make managing those accounts a bit simpler by using the service Bliss Control.

Keep in touch with Mingly


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It can be hard to keep up with all your friends and coworkers at times but with the assistance of a social network or two and a web app like Mingly staying in contact with people just got a bit easier for more check out Mingly.

Try Smartr Contacts as an Alternative Address Book for your iPhone

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If you don’t like the stock address book or contacts app that is part of your iOS device then you might want to try the alternative program Smartr Contacts for your iOS device. The program offers integration with your Facebook and Twitter accounts among other features.


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