How to Get out Verizon’s $30 Upgrade Fee

Verizon: Paying Politicians to Rule the Air (g...

Verizon: Paying Politicians to Rule the Air (g1a2d0047c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

It may not seem fair to you that Verizon will be charging you an Upgrade fee soon when you update your mobile device, which can be avoided with a little bit of thinking, for a possible method to avoiding this fee, check out this article HERE.

Bank Of America Ditches $5 Debit Card Usage Fee

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If you thought it was crazy that Bank of America was going to charge its customers $5 to use their debit cards, apparently someone at Bank of America also came to this conclusion and decided to ditch this idea, which probably was the right move for a bank that has taken a few hits in the past few years, for more on this issue check out this article from CNN HERE.


How to avoid Baggage fees on your next flight

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If you travel a decent amount then you might realize that it isn’t that easy to pay for excess baggage especially with the high fees associated with baggage these days, check out this article that has some tips on how to avoid baggage fees, HERE.

Don’t use a Debit card for Hotel or Car Rentals

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You may be inclined to use your Debit card for a Hotel or Car Rental transaction, but that might not be a wise form of payment for these types of services, for more information on why you shouldn’t do this, check this article out HERE.

New Credit Card Fee’s

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Because of the changes to the Credit Card industry there have been a bunch of new charges added to replace the fee’s that can no longer be charged to customers by credit card companies, check out some of these new fee’s HERE.

Avoid Hidden Fees with a New Car Purchase

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Your ready to buy your first new car, but you heard the price and are wondering what the hell is going on, well check out this article that talks about the hidden fees of buying a new car, HERE.

Airline Baggage chart

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Check out this blog that put together a great chart of the crazy baggage fees that are charged today at most airlines, check the blog out HERE.

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