Krusader is a File Management Program for Linux

Tux, the Linux penguin

Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You might not be a fan of the native File Management program that comes with your current Linux Distro, but perhaps you might be willing to try out the program Krusader experience a different way to browser your Linux files, for more check out Krusader for Linux.

Create a Folder for a Group of Highlighted files in Windows with Files 2 Folder

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If you do a fair amount of file management in windows explorer then you’ll probably want a few options that aren’t there out of the box, perhaps the ability to create a folder for a group of files, and you can do this fairly easily using the Windows Utility Files 2 Folder.

Tweak Windows Explorer Sidebar to Expand

Windows Explorer's revised user interface.

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By default when your browsing in Windows Explorer the sidebar with the folder structure of the folder your currently looking at may be in a collapsed state, which makes looking around the area a bit hard, unless you manually collapse the folders, but with a tweak you can have windows expand the sidebar for you, check out this article with the details HERE.

Hopper is a Simple Webapp for Sharing Files

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If you need to quickly share a file or two for a day or for some type of temporary situation, you might want to check out the service Hopper which will allow you to store a file or something for temporary access, this is for people that don’t need permanent file storage, for more check out the Webapp Hopper.

Can’t Open a File, Find out How with Wolfram Alpha

Image representing Wolfram Alpha as depicted i...

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There are times that we have a file that we don’t know how to open, and perhaps you also don’t have the program to open the file, you can solve this issue by using Wolfram Alpha to figure out how to open that file up, for more on how to do this check out this article HERE.

Close Locked Windows Files with OpenFilesView

The Windows family tree.

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When you are trying to do something in Windows with a file or folder and you get the message that the file is in use, but your pretty sure your not using it, you have run into an old issue with Windows, which is from time to time a program will not release a file, making it appear that the file is in use when it is not, but you can now resolve this issue with the Windows program OpenFilesView.

Uploading To Multiple File Sharing Services with Uploading.To

File Sharing on JoopeA

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If you have a few files you want to share on various file sharing host services but don’t want to upload the same file to all 3 or 10 of them, then you might want to check out the service Uploading.To which will do this for you without you having to log into 10 different services, for more check out the service Uploading.To.

Search for files on Windows 7 with 7Files

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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If you do a fair amount of searches on your Windows7 machine then you might benefit from the program 7Files which offers much more than the baked in file search feature of Windows7 for more check out 7Files for Windows7.

Have Elevator Music play when your Download / Move Files


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If you always wondered where is the elevator music when your deleting or copying a file and waiting while the blue wheel spins away transferring your files successfully, you might want to check out this program that will play music every time you have to wait for some action to complete, check out the program Instant Elevator Music.

Search your Computer from your iOS with X1 Mobile Search

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If you need to search for some files on your desktop computer while your out and about then you might want to check out this program called X1 Mobile Search.

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