Dropbox Automator Makes managing your Dropbox account a breeze

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your Dropbox account knew to post your uploaded pics to a photo sharing service you use, or post documents you upload to Google Docs, or a number of other useful little things that you usually have to do manually to manage your Dropbox account, well you can save yourself a few moments of file management using the service Dropbox Automator.

Tweak Windows Explorer Sidebar to Expand

Windows Explorer's revised user interface.

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By default when your browsing in Windows Explorer the sidebar with the folder structure of the folder your currently looking at may be in a collapsed state, which makes looking around the area a bit hard, unless you manually collapse the folders, but with a tweak you can have windows expand the sidebar for you, check out this article with the details HERE.

Batch Rename Files with Name Dropper for Windows

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If you have to Rename a few files and like to cut down on all the typing and what not associated with renaming the files, then you should give the program Name Dropper a try for Windows.

MediaTab for Windows add Multimedia Pane

Windows Explorer in Windows 7

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You probably hate how windows explorer shows a lot of information but when it comes to your media files, it shows everything you don’t need to know and everything you want to know about a file you can’t see without digging into the file a bit more, then you need to check out this really cool program that will solve this issue for you, called MediaTab.

Total Commander File Manager App for Android

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Your on your Android device and you don’t like the current program you use to manager you SD Cards files and wish you find a better file management program, well maybe you should give Total Commander a try.

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