Cubby is Unlimited File Storage of Sorts


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If your in the market for a file sharing and syncing solution for your computers then you might want to give Cubby consideration when it comes out of its beta period, the service is similar to Dropbox but it offers unlimited syncing of files between computers, and 5GB of cloud storage, which isn’t that bad at all, for now the service is in Beta, but you should keep your eyes open, for more check out Cubby.

Facebook has File sharing feature to send files to Groups

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You probably have a lot of your friends on your Facebook page, and if you use groups to organize them all then you might find it easier to send files to them using the feature Facebook has recently added for its users to send files to other users, for more check out this blog post HERE.

Sortbox Makes sense of your Dropbox files based on Rules you Set

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If you find that your Dropbox account is overran by the amount of files you have in your main folder, then you might want to clean things up a bit and to that end you can use the webapp Sortbox to help keep things in order on your dropbox account, for more check out Sortbox.

Dropbox Makes Sharing your files easy with addition of Link Icon


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If your a Dropbox user, you might have noticed that you now have a chain icon next to your files, which you can share with others as a direct URL link to your Dropbox files, which makes sharing things much easier, for more check out this official Dropbox post HERE.

YouSendIt Releases Updated Desktop & Mobile Apps


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YouSendIt has recently updated its Desktop and Mobile apps to include better security among other things, for more on what’s what with the new update to the service, check out this link HERE.

Uploading To Multiple File Sharing Services with Uploading.To

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If you have a few files you want to share on various file sharing host services but don’t want to upload the same file to all 3 or 10 of them, then you might want to check out the service Uploading.To which will do this for you without you having to log into 10 different services, for more check out the service Uploading.To.

See Which ISP slow your Torrents the Most

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If you didn’t know ISP have for awhile been slowing down Torrent traffic on there networks in an effort to reduce the bandwidth usage of there networks, but this practice can seriously hurt consumers, especially if you use torrents, check out this article that documents various ISP’s policies regarding Torrents on there networks HERE.

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