ReadyForZero services now has an iPhone App for Managing your Debt on the Go

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If you use the service ReadyForZero, or your in the market for a Debt Management app on your iPhone, then you might want to give this app a try, for more check out ReadyForZero for iOS.

Compare Mortgage Loans with Credit Sesame’s Calculator

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If your in the market for a New Mortgage loan and want to compare loans, you might find it a bit hard to do, unless your into real estate business, but you might want to try out this interactive tool called Credit Sesame that will do the comparing for your, for more check out the Credit Sesame service.

Keep Up with Changes to your Credit Report with Credit Karma

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One of the more important things we can check from time to time is our credit report to make sure everything is on the same page as you feel it should be, or you can at least understand where you stand, but with Credit Karma you can find out when a significant change occurs to your credit report, for more check out Credit Karma.

Spendful Helps you Budget

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We all need a way to manage our money and the web app Spendful can do this for you, helping you manage your money VIA its Web App, for more check out the service Spendful.

Get Rewards for Saving with SaveUp

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If you wish saving was a game where you compete against others for prizes based on your ability to save, then you’ll want to check out the service SaveUp that is a service that rewards you for saving by offering various prizes, for more check out the service SaveUp.

Bank Of America Ditches $5 Debit Card Usage Fee

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If you thought it was crazy that Bank of America was going to charge its customers $5 to use their debit cards, apparently someone at Bank of America also came to this conclusion and decided to ditch this idea, which probably was the right move for a bank that has taken a few hits in the past few years, for more on this issue check out this article from CNN HERE.


Track your Investment & Retirement Funds in one place with Personal Capital Service

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If you find yourself having to manage multiple investments why not centralize things to make it easy for you to manage and to that end you should check out the service Personal Capital which can do this for you all from one locations, for more check out Personal Capital.


Track your Receipts with Lemon for iOS & Android

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If you like to keep track of your receipts and other expenses even when your on the go, then you might want to check out the service Lemon which offers this a bit more, and it has apps for your iOS and Android devices, for more check out the service Lemon.

Get good Refinancing rates

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If your looking to Refinance your home, now may be the best time to do it, and before you dive into the process you should know the current mortgage rate and home value, and then you can determine your optimal Refinancing rate, for more one how this works, check out this article, HERE.

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