Cooking Fish Properly in 10 Minutes

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If you like to eat fish then you probably know that it doesn’t take that long to actually cook fish, in fact it only takes about 10 minutes, and to boot this is a rule when cooking fish, check out this article that talks about cooking fish by the 10 minute rule, HERE.


How to Cook Salmon In your Kitchen Sink

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This might sound crazy but this article will show you how to cook Salmon in your Kitchen Sink with a plastic bag and some hot water, for more information on how this works, check out this article HERE, happy eating!

The Life of a Fish

These fish form big shoals. These small fish h...

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For the entire life of a Fish, they only understand that they are part of a vast world of amazing depth and beauty, but the water is their world, and the don’t even realize they are in water, which makes you think about the true nature of this universe, maybe like fish we are in something much bigger that we have yet to unmask, at any rate check out this article that talks about the perceived reality of a fish, HERE.

Seafood Watch Mobile Application for Green Eating


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Your about to go purchase some Fish but you have heard that it isn’t always eco-friendly to just buy any fish, but you don’t know what is what in regards to endangered fish, well use this handy application for iOS and Android device that will keep you in tune, HERE.

Eat fish and be Eco-Friendly about it

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Many people love to eat fish, its healthy and tasty if you know how to prepare it but one of the things people do not realize is that you may not want to eat every type of fish because of the numbers of their population, and the chance that you might help bring the end to that type of fish, check out this Website that has a listing of what fish to eat and which to avoid, HERE.

How to buy Fish and Seafood

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I have no clue when it comes to buying fruits and vegetables, and I don’t eat fish but in the event I did, I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to pick the right one, you on the same boat, well check out this article that gives some guidelines to your next fish purchase, HERE.

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