MapMyFitness a personal benchmark of Fitness

iPhone & Intel Mobile Device

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This is a pretty neat application that tracks your movements VIA your mobile device, and you input some more information here and there and you can actually track your fitness, sounds pretty cool, and simple, check out the application, HERE.

Calories Burnt from exercise Chart

FORT MONROE, Va. (April 26, 2007) - Machinist'...

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So your doing various exercises and your wondering what exactly am I losing when I do these sit ups or other exercise well hopefully this chart can help you figure it out, HERE.

15 minute workout without exercise machines!

Marine of the United States Marine Corps runs ...

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Check out this 15 minute a day workout no exercise machines needed that apparently has worked since 1900 when it was developed, might be worth giving a go seems some what time tested, check out this article for more details on the exercise, HERE.

Improve your Posture

A black Acer Computer monitor.

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So I spend a lot of time behind a computer screen and you get some bad posture from leaning forward much of the time when typing or doing other things at a desk, check out this article on how you can improve your posture after a long day behind the screen, check the article out HERE.

Fittness Tools

This article covers 10 fitness tools you can use to keep yourself in tip top shape, which isn’t a bad idea for American’s.

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