Use your Smartphone as a Controller for Flash Based Games with WunderPlayer

The long road ahead

The long road ahead (Photo credit: coderkind)

If you want to play some flash games on your computer, you might not find it the best way to play the games, the games would probably benefit from a different means on control, and you can now use your Android or iOS device as a controller for your Flash Based Games, for more check out WunderPlayer.

Improve your Camera flash with Toothpaste

DIY projektor by Trinom

Image via Wikipedia

Check out this wacky DIY project where you use some Toothpaste to increase the brightness of your flash, for the details on how this process works, check out this article, HERE.

Flash 10.2 For Android Devices

Adobe Flash Player Icon

Image via Wikipedia

So your using Flash now on your mobile device, and of course you want to always be running the latest version of Flash Player, so make sure you update your device, check more information on the release, HERE.

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