Create a Folder for a Group of Highlighted files in Windows with Files 2 Folder

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If you do a fair amount of file management in windows explorer then you’ll probably want a few options that aren’t there out of the box, perhaps the ability to create a folder for a group of files, and you can do this fairly easily using the Windows Utility Files 2 Folder.

Tweak Windows Explorer Sidebar to Expand

Windows Explorer's revised user interface.

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By default when your browsing in Windows Explorer the sidebar with the folder structure of the folder your currently looking at may be in a collapsed state, which makes looking around the area a bit hard, unless you manually collapse the folders, but with a tweak you can have windows expand the sidebar for you, check out this article with the details HERE.

Don’t Organize Emails by Folder, just use Search Function

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If you ever spent time managing your inbox by folder for your emails, then you might actually be fighting a losing battle, although you may think you are saving time and keeping things in order, you might be better served by just using the search function in your email client, for more on why this is a better option check out this article HERE.

Create your Windows folders with Text 2 Folder

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If you create a lot of folders and deep nested folder structures in windows, this can become a time consuming task, you can make it a bit more easy with the program Text 2 Folder which takes a text file you create with the directory structure you desire and creates it for you, for more check out Text 2 Folder.

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