Cook’s Thesaurus is a Good way to Find Alternative Food

CookingPerhaps you don’t have a certain something to make a dish but your wondering if you have something on hand that could substitute that other food without ruining your dish, well then you might want to consult the Cook’s Thesaurus to find out which food is a proper substitute for Carrots lets say, for more check out the Cook’s Thesaurus.

Seemless Web Food Delivery Service

World wide web

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Maybe you don’t like to leave the house for things that can be brought to you and if that is the case then you might be interested in the Web based Food Delivery Service, Seemless.

Thaw your Frozen food out in a Washing Machine

Front-loading washing machine

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This might sound a bit far out, but did you know that you could thaw out your frozen food pretty quickly by using your washing machine, if your not too sure on how this works, then check out this article that explains the process HERE.

Finding the fastest Line in a Supermarket

Supermarket check out, London January 2005 Aut...

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You always end up hating your trip to the supermarket because you end up waiting a million years to checkout, well maybe you could find that magical way to get through the checkout with a breeze, well maybe you need to check out this article that will help you find the magic line at the supermarket, HERE.

Nature’s Red Bull


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You ever wonder if there really is a Energy Drink out there that is from Mother Earth, which if we use we may not have to die? Well then you need to check out this article with an Energy drink you’ll probably want to try, HERE.

Make your own Ice Cream Bars

double scope ice cream cone

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The summer is right here and things are bound to heat up and wouldn’t it be nice to sync your teeth into a taste Ice Cream Bar, and since everything taste better when you make it, check out this article on how to Chef up those Ice Cream Bars yourself, HERE.

Frozen Shrimps Trump Fresh Shrimps

Mmm! Feeling hungry? fried squid, shrimps, jamon

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Next time you buy some Shrimps although you may think getting them from the Fish Market is fresher than the freezer at the local supermarket but perhaps you have it backwards, check out this article that talks about the issue more HERE.

What does food Packaging Mean?

Packaging Hager

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Did you know that the colors of the packaging on foods can reflect something the maker of the food is trying to tell you, this is a old marketing trick I suppose to attack your mind into thinking a product is good or what have you, check out this article that talks more about this subject, HERE.

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