SuperTracker slaps What your eating and your Exercise into one Place

super tracker

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It probably makes sense to plan out what your going to be eating, and then to plan on some sort of exercise to keep yourself in shape based on the diet you have, but now you can manage both with the service SuperTracker.

Finger Food Combination Generator: Good for Parties

Easter - feasting finger foodsWhen it comes to Finger foods, you might have just three foods to make your finger foods from, but don’t let that limit the amount of different finger foods you can make out of those three items, for more on figuring out what finger foods you can craft with the goods you have on hand, check out the Finger Food Combination Generator.

Introducing Evernote Hello & Evernote Food iOS Apps

EvernoteThe Evernote app is a useful cloud note taking app, that can be used to keep notes on the go, but now Evernote has released two new iOS apps, one is called Evernote Hello which will keep a list of the people you met, and Evernote Food is designed to keep track of what you eat everyday, for more check out Evernote Hello & Evernote Food for iOS.

Find Daily Food Deals Near you with Bite Hunter

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If your always on the hunt for food deals then you might want to check out the service Bite Hunter which will find Food deals online and filter them for you, for more on how the service works check out Bite Hunter.

Two Bowls are all you need to Peel Garlic in seconds

D. Mitrohin. Onions and Garlic. 1973. Pencil d...

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If you have ever had to cook and used Garlic then you might have something against peeling it, but did you know all you need is 2 large bowls and a few seconds to un-peel that Garlic, check out this article that talks about this technique HERE.

Save on Groceries by purchasing them less often

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If you shop for Groceries once a week you might consider doing it only twice a month to cut down on your Grocery expenses, but you might think this means not eating for a week, well check out this article that explains the logic of making less grocery stops to save some money, HERE.

Heating or Cooling your Dishes can make your meal Professional

The Ebi-don is the meal which put the fried sh...

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You may not really think about it but the presentation of a restaurant is what makes you go there, the professional nature of the meal and its delivery makes you want to eat there, well bring a little bit of that to your home by using a trick they use, Heat or Cool your dishes when you serve certain meals, for more on how this works and why it will impress your guest check out this article HERE.

How to Preserve Herbs

Sea Salt

If you grow your own Herbs in the summer you might be at a crossroads now that the summer is winding down, and your wondering how to keep my herbs over the winter until the next harvest, well maybe you need to get some sea salt and a few jars ready for the winter, check out this article that has more on how do preserve herbs, HERE.

Seemless Web Food Delivery Service

World wide web

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Maybe you don’t like to leave the house for things that can be brought to you and if that is the case then you might be interested in the Web based Food Delivery Service, Seemless.

Lose Weight by Down sizing that Plate

weight loss exercise class

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You probably have thought about this before but using your mind to will yourself to eat less and still feel full from eating a plate of food can do wonders when your trying to lose weight, check out this article that explains more on how this can help your diet out, HERE.

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