Live Wallpaper for Android

Google Android

Image by Scarygami via Flickr

So your into the moving images or the cool backgrounds that your Android device allows, well check out this new application that allows us to do more with your live background, need more information, check the applications homepage right HERE.

Need Wallpaper For your Desktop?


Some people love to make their desktop have a certain look and feel, and to that end you probably need a wallpaper on your desktop to achieve this goal, well check out some of these wallpapers:

Space Doggy

Strange Forecast

Predatory Hipmunk

Road to Forever


Upgrade Your iPhone for FREE?!?

The following article talks about how you can upgrade your iPhone for free, check it out people here!

Get Your Online Education On For Free?

I Cant believe this myself, but after seeing this I just had to post links to these wonderful sites that are offering various online courses for the best price on the planet FREE! Please check these sites out if your interested in expanding your horizons without expanding your debt!

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