Use your Smartphone as a Controller for Flash Based Games with WunderPlayer

The long road ahead

The long road ahead (Photo credit: coderkind)

If you want to play some flash games on your computer, you might not find it the best way to play the games, the games would probably benefit from a different means on control, and you can now use your Android or iOS device as a controller for your Flash Based Games, for more check out WunderPlayer.

Online Game Purchases Just got Easier

Video game station

Image by niallkennedy via Flickr

Check out this great Web Resource that searches multiple sites that sells that Video Game your looking for, and compares the prices so you end up with the best deal possible, check out the web site HERE.

Play Games that cause you to Learn?

Video Games Live logo

Image via Wikipedia

So you always like to play games but how about gaining something other than some entertainment from those games, like actually learning skills that will apply in the real world, if your interested in this type of gaming check out this great article I came across that unities the two activities, HERE.

5 Free Android Games

Android robot logo.

Image via Wikipedia

Got a new Android smartphone and your dying to put some games on it, well check out this article about 5 fun Andriod games for Free, HERE.

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